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BookWorks Petroleum Accounting Software provides petroleum distributors the advanced management and accounting tools needed for accurate gallon and cost tracking. BookWorks incorporates detailed margin analysis with a versatile solution that is geared for today’s fuel jobber.

A versatile solution geared for today’s fuel jobber. Try BookWorks today. 

Wholesale & Distribution Module Features:

  • Advanced Order Dispatching
  •  Create Invoices from Single or Multiple BOL’s
  •  Comprehensive Dealer Rebate and Incentive Auditing
  •  Automated DTN and Supplier Portal Import of Prices, e-BOL’s, Invoices and Credit Cards
  •  Advanced Tax Reporting with EDI Submission
  •  Supports Multiple Splits to Company Operations and Customers with Temperature Corrections
  •  Automated Credit Card Pass-through from Customer Draft Credit to Supplier Invoice Credit
  •  EDI Draft Export Compatibilities
  •  ACH Draft Notification including NACHA File Creation
  •  Dashboards with Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  •  Unlimited Pricing and Freight Matrix
  •  Freight Surcharges by Mileage or Percent of Base by Carrier
  •  Automated Deferred Tax Reconciliation
  •  Complete Accounting Solution with Drill Down Financial Reporting; Tracks Margins down to BOL
  •  Invoicing and Statements by Paper, Fax, Email or WebConnect
  •  Integration to C-Store Back Office, Cardlock and Onboard Truck Solutions

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You will not find a better management software anywhere. Try BookWorks today.