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Warehouse and Lubes

Warehouse and Lubes

Inventory sits at the heart of any wholesale distributor’s business. It’s your single biggest investment, and how you handle it can greatly affect your customer service and sales. BookWorks Warehouse and Lubes module effectively manages multiple inventory types for pack- aged products and lubes. Multiple and dynamic inventory replenishment methods provide you with the flexibility to lower costs and increase profits.

Multiple and dynamic inventory replenishment methods. Try BookWorks today. 

BookWorks Warehouse and Lubes Modules:

  • On Hand Inventory Counts at a Glance
  • Advanced Kitting and Component Buildup
  • Automatically Create Supplier Payable Invoices with Price Verification from Originating Receivers
  • Transfer Items Between an Unlimited Number of Locations
  • Create Purchase Orders that Automatically Create Receivers
  • Check Stock, Search Past Invoices, Verify Shipping Preferences
  • Utilize Current or Future Pricing, Volume Pricing or Pricing Based on Effective Date
  • Date Sensitive Reporting and Dashboards with Advanced KPI’s
  • Automatic Pricing and Discounts by Customer Ship-To
  • Maintains Minimum and Maximum Inventory Levels with Reorder Points
  • User Friendly Ordering, Dispatching and Counter Sales
  • Supports User Defined Units of Measure, Including Dollars
  • Easily Conduct Physical Inventory and Cycle Counts

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You will not find a better management software anywhere. Try BookWorks today.