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DTN Integration

DTN Integration

The real-time information leader in refined fuels supply chain management solutions

Our integration with DTN offers a suite of petroleum marketing management tools designed to boost efficiency. From best rack pricing information to automated billing solutions that maximize speed & accuracy into our back office accounting. Our DTN integration  improves your bottom line. With DTN integration we can seamlessly import pricing, credit cards,  BOLs, and  Invoices into BookWorks improving efficiencies and reducing clerical errors.

This process eliminates costly paper handling and inevitable manual re-entry errors. Hours a day are shaved from accounting processes, and staff is freed up to pursue more profitable activities. Customers can grow their business without adding new staff.

Value-added, Real-time Business Intelligence

BookWorks fully integrates Telvent DTN products to provide value-added, real-time business intelligence that the petroleum marketer relies on to make confident decisions all day, every day.

DTN Fuel Buyer, the industry’s leading price management solution, displays rack and spot pricing, industry news, market analysis and price alerts all on one screen. There’s even a best rack feature that calculates the overall cost of a specific load by factoring in price, products, gallons and freight — including surcharges based on geographic region.

Fuel buyers gain access to critical pricing information and sophisticated DTN market intelligence without disrupting accounting functions. And DTN Fuel Buyer is a price administrator’s best friend.

With BookWorks and Telvent DTN Integration, You Can:

  • Capture all your supplier prices, including intraday moves
  • Automate generation of derived prices to support contracts and other special prices
  • Rapidly identify and manage price changes and exceptions
  • View, analyze, manage, and export prices in your business terms
  • Lower the cost of product and respond faster to market changes to protect margins
  • Rack prices
  • Electronic Branded and Un-Branded Credit Cards (.CCM and .CM2)
  • Electronic Invoices (.INV)
  • Electronic EFT draft notifications (.EFT)
  • Electronic Bills of lading (.BOL)
  • Retranslation of customer invoices to Electronic BOL (.BOL)

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