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BookWorks dispatching is a comprehensive tool that offers a one-stop solution for dispatching of customer fuel delivery requests and customer repair orders. BookWorks dispatching allows status tracking of call in orders (Will Calls) in a global display that can be viewed by all users.  Requests are tracked from start to finish in one system, eliminating communication errors between the customer, dispatching and drivers.

Requests tracked from start to finish all in one system.

Fuel and Work Order Dispatch Module Features:

  • Dispatching can be used for fuel deliveries and/or repair order scheduling
  • Customer notes allow for specific information or special requirements to be conveyed to the driver or repairman during the service call, eliminating hand written notes which are easily misplaced
  • Multiple orders can be entered and stored until delivery or repair service has been completed with the ability to reprint as needed
  • Time is saved by eliminating the entry of redundant information from the work order dispatching system into a separate accounting/billing system
  • A simple status change to “Complete” instantly populates the invoice for customer billing

Dispatch Module Features Continued:

  • Fuel delivery and preventative maintenance work orders can be entered upon receipt and released on designated dates to facilitate scheduling and planning of route requirements
  • Printing options effectively allow for assignment and distribution of dispatched tickets (Meter Tickets), work orders or shippers by route, driver, or selective customer criteria
  • Shippers can be emailed directly from BookWorks for instant receipt by customer and/or drivers and service personnel
  • Reports can be easily generated and used for historical reference regarding a specific customer activity
  • Work orders can be linked to sales orders and shippers to allow for future reference of performed services or deliveries
  • Status of the work order is clearly displayed on the work order screen providing verification of pending, shipped and cancelled orders
  • Dispatched entries can be included in the into degree day forecasting and route scheduler

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