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Custom Software

Custom Software

We understand that many of our customers have unique requirements developed over time which make their business successful and best serve their customers.  Key Information Technologies, unlike many competitors recognizes the importance of adapting software to fulfill these requirements; out of the box software works for most, but not everyone. Part of our mission and strength is the ability to develop interfaces between BookWorks and third party software products and/or customization when required.  The expertise to provide customization only enhances our ability to provide the best software solution for each of our customers.

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Beneficial for Everyone

Many times interfaces and custom requests can be incorporated, in a timely manner, into the next BookWorks release.  This ensures a common platform for our entire customer base which is beneficial for everyone.  Because we do not rely on a third party for our core financials and accounting, our ability to manage these interfaces and customizations is simplified and reliable. If you have a product that is working well for you, give us the opportunity to incorporate and integrate its data and functionality with BookWorks.

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