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At Key Information Technologies, we understand managing consigned locations is challenging. BookWorks Petroleum Management software has the ability to gather comprehensive information from the consignee. Data is easily extracted enabling the fuel jobber to compile timely and detailed financial reporting.

Compiling timely and detailed financial reporting. Try BookWorks today. 

Easily Gather Comprehensive Information

  • Accommodates All Types of Compensation; Profit Share and Commission
  • Automated Credit Card Integration
  • Detailed Financial Statements by Profit Center or Consigned Location
  • Invoicing and Statements by Paper, Fax, Email or WebConnect
  • Complete Receivables Integration
  • Automated Console Meter Reading Integration
  • Advanced Margin Analysis and Dashboards
  • Full Inventory Control with Internal Transfer Support from BookWorks Wholesale
  • Automated Shift Ending Inventory Integration

Our Partners

You will not find a better management software anywhere. Try BookWorks today.