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From the smallest fleet to the largest petroleum marketing operation, we provide effective solutions for your fuel control needs. Get the security, accountability & control that you need for your unattended fueling operation. The savvy business owner recognizes that the fueling industry is undergoing changes. Web-based transmission of transaction data is growing, while fueling networks continue to expand by adding to their number of fueling locations.

Remaining Competitive

In order to remain competitive you need to keep up with the latest technologies in software and hardware. We provide innovative, efficient, cost-effective software solutions to meet your needs for dispensing, controlling, and managing fuel and related products.

Our Valued Key & CardLock Partners

Key Features

  • Automated statement of all unattended fuel sales
  • Track every fueling transaction
  • Restrict type of fuel and quantities
  • Odometer reasonability
  • Dual card accountability

Our Partners

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