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BookWorks History

BookWorks History

BookWorks is a direct result of a collaborative effort in which thirteen jobbers signed up to assist Key Information Technologies in designing and developing software to replace their legacy technology. Since inception it has grown to over 100 installations nationwide. This development action was driven by what we refer to fondly as the “Original 13”, who represented a wide range of business models, each with their own specialty in the petroleum industry. Asking questions like “What do you truly need to make you more profitable?” and “If you could change anything with your current computing processes, what would it be?”, we gleaned valuable insight and ideas from these companies.

Over 100 installations nationwide. Try BookWorks today. 

30+ Years of Experience

Coupling that with our thirty plus years of experience in fuel jobber software design, we developed a software package that allows us to provide the tools required for today and prepare for the needs of tomorrow.  Our software has exceeded their expectations and moved far beyond the original ideas and concepts. Today, the success of BookWorks has positioned us to offer the petroleum market the very best in software solutions and automation, by utilizing cutting edge technology from Microsoft including Visual Studio, .NET, SQL Server and Crystal Reports. Our team is committed to continuous innovation and improvement, integrating emerging technologies to maintain BookWorks’ competitive advantage and provide our valued customers state of the art tools to ensure their success.

Our Partners

You will not find a better management software anywhere. Try BookWorks today.