Is Your Software Having a Hard Time Delivering?

BookWorks Petroleum Management package covers all facets critical to the petroleum wholesale and retail industry.


• Seamless Integration with DTN and Supplier Portals
• Card Lock, Fleet Fueling and C-Store POS Integration
• Handheld Electronic Fuel Registration for LPG and Fuels


• Fully Integrated Accounting
• Visual Inventory Tracking
• Advanced Price Rating, Freight and Miscellaneous charges


• Easy to Use Dashboard Views
• WebConnect, Self-Serve Customer Portal
• Advanced Drill Down Capabilities

About Key

Innovation Drives Our Business

  Since 1994, Key Information Technologies, Inc. has specialized in accounting software and realized many petroleum marketers lack a comprehensive system which combines petroleum distribution with complete accounting functions. BookWorks petroleum jobber software is the answer. It is designed to streamline business processes, improve customer services, and operate your fuel business more efficiently.

Our Culture

  Built on innovation and commitment to delivering the best possible solution and services for our clients, we have the right plan, the right people and the right attitude to ensure the long term success of our company and our clients.  

We “Get” It

  We work with petroleum marketers of all sizes and operation types and understand your petroleum accounting software is the “central nervous system” of your business. You require reliable, user-friendly technology that provides information at the moment it’s needed. Software that is well designed and responsive improves sales, boosts productivity and substantially increases profits. Outdated systems can result in lost data, missed sales opportunities and a waste of valuable employee time. Whether you are starting from scratch or updating your legacy system, there is no “hard sell”; just down-to-earth, real-world solutions that will improve your company’s effectiveness and ultimately increase your bottom line.

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