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BookWorks addresses all of the accounting and management needs of the Petroleum Marketer. From the terminal through the entire supply chain to customer delivery, BookWorks has you covered. Switching to BookWorks is guaranteed to increase your efficiency and productivity, lower your costs and improve your bottom line!

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Here are just a few of the features of BookWorks Accounting Software that insure a quick return on investment:


  • Complete, fully integrated accounting
  • Visual inventory tracking
  • Detailed degree days, Julian dating and delivery forecasting
  • Advance price rating, freight, surcharges and split fee calculations

Advanced Technology

  • Built entirely using Microsoft .Net framework
  • Powered by Microsoft SQL Server
  • The flexibility and power of Crystal Reports
  • Hosted/Web based solutions or traditional in-house LAN


  • Seamless integration with Telvent/DTN and Supplier Web Portals
  • Card lock, fleet fueling and C-store POS integration
  • GPS and visual route mapping
  • Hand held electronic fuel registration for LPG and refined fuels


  • Easy to use and flexible user interface
  • Advanced drill down capabilities to general ledger
  • WebConnect customer portal or built in email and faxing for invoices, statements and EFT draft notifications
  • Easy setup – dynamically configure customer and supplier taxing

Our Partners

You will not find a better management software anywhere. Try BookWorks today.