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Petroleum Accounting Software

Petroleum Accounting Software

Maximize your efficiency with BookWorks Petroleum Accounting Software. Designed specifically for Petroleum Marketers, it adapts to the way you run your business with everything required to manage users and data in a way that works for your operation.  Accounting in the fuel industry is unique and complex in that slight differences in daily cost margins have a greater impact on financials than in other industries.  BookWorks is specifically designed to monitor those costs to maximize profits.

Designed to monitor costs to maximize profits. Try BookWorks today. 

Accounting Features for Petroleum Marketers:

  • Real Time, Date Sensitive Financials with Drill Down Functionality
  •  Comprehensive Receivable Management with Advanced Dashboards
  •  Detailed Supplier Reconciliation from Purchase Order/BOL to Payment/EFT
  •  Flexible Customer Contracts and Pre Buys
  •  Automated Customer Draft with NACHA File Creation
  •  Date Sensitive Dynamic Taxing Assignments
  •  Customized Financials including Individual by Profit Center, Consolidated or Combined
  •  Manage Multiple Companies with Ease with Intercompany BOL to Invoice Processing
  •  Easy to use Bank Reconciliation
  •  Accurate Margin Tracking down to the BOL/Ticket Level
  •  Flexible Inventory Costing—LIFO, FIFO, AVG Weighted
  •  Microsoft Office Integration, All Versions, including Outlook

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You will not find a better management software anywhere. Try BookWorks today.