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Home Heating

Home Heating

BookWorks Petroleum Management Software provides home heating marketers a complete solution that is affordable, effective and easy to use.  BookWorks tracks your delivery process from start to finish and maximizes productivity by controlling receivables and inventory, while improving your delivery efficiency.

Affordable, effective and easy to use. Try BookWorks today. 

Home Heat Module Features:

  • Degree-Day, K-Factor and Julian Date
  •  Pre-Buy Contract with Overrides for Spot Buys
  •  Customer Budget Plans
  •  Maintains Truck Inventories
  •  Tank Rentals and Preventative Maintenance
  •  Seamless Interface to Onboard Truck Software including
  •  inventory Loading, Tickets, Sales and Payment Collection
  •  Track Margins by Customer  Down to Actual Ticket
  •  Driver and Truck Productivity Reports
  •  Invoicing  and Statements by Paper, Fax, Email or WebConnect
  •  Rapid Credit Check and Hold Functionality
  •  GPS Mapping, Dynamic Routing and Dispatch
  •  Extensive Reporting
  •  Detailed Receivable Analysis and Dunning Letters

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You will not find a better management software anywhere. Try BookWorks today.